How to kill snakes in yard or under house

How To Kill Snakes

If you see a snake on your property, your very first instinct may be to kill it so it goes away. In reality, however, there are plenty of other alternatives available, including coexisting with the snake. Unless the snake in question is venomous, it poses no risk to you or your family and can actually be beneficial. Despite this, every day, people try to kill snakes with garden tools, hand guns, or other methods. Trying one of these unadvised methods puts you at risk of a snake bite and is inhumane. To make matters worse, these methods aren’t typically effective either.

You Can Actually Coexist Peacefully Without Issues

It may seem odd to you that you can coexist peacefully with snakes, but that is exactly what any wildlife expert will tell you. In the rare occurrence that you do see a venomous snake, then you will need to call a professional to get rid of it – you don’t want to risk a bite by removing it yourself. Remember that the very few bites by venomous snakes that do happen occur when people are trying to kill or remove the serpent; be cautious and avoid this issue.

Most of the time, however, the snakes you find on your property are completely harmless and actually beneficial. They do an excellent job at keeping away pests, such as rodents, that could cause serious damage to your home or spread disease.

If You Really Want Them Gone, Trap Instead Of Killing

Sometimes, you really do need to get rid of a snake. Maybe it is actually inside your home so you need to get it out or perhaps you are concerned about it hurting your pet (which it won’t unless your pet is a rodent). In the case of a snake in your home, you can try to gently shoo it out using a broom. You can also typically just leave an exit open and wait for it to leave; it will. Otherwise, just use an effective, humane snake trap to get rid of it. Once you catch the snake, take it outside and release it.

Try Preventative Techniques Instead

Better yet, ensure that no snakes can get into your home in the first place and you will never have to remove them. By sealing up your house securely and ensuring there are no gaps or cracks snakes can slither through, you will save yourself some hassle and prevent other small wildlife from getting inside as well.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you think killing a snake is the only answer, hire a professional; they will offer alternatives and take care of the snake without killing it.

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