How to trap snakes

How To Trap Snakes

Whether or not the snake on your property is venomous, most people want to remove these serpents as soon as they spot one. While exclusion works for some animals, trapping is the best method of removing snakes; although you should still take steps to make sure they don’t come back.

Best Choice – Let A Professional Trap The Snakes

For the best results, the safest trapping process, and the most humane methods, always have a professional take care of the snake for you. They will have the necessary experience to catch the snake using their tools or have the right types of traps on hand to capture the serpent. A professional can also identify the snake in question so you know if it was dangerous and will take care of relocating it, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Buy A Snake Trap

Among those who don’t want to spend money on a professional, the best choice is to try to buy a snake trap. Just remember that not all traps will work and many will catch creatures other than snakes. The yellow traps featuring snake attracting dots tend to the be the most effective. With these traps, snakes are attracted to the scented lures within. There is glue along the bottom of the trap that keeps the snake in place, so you need to check these traps regularly to ensure the snake doesn’t suffer. When you are ready to release the snake, just pour vegetable oil inside; it will unstick the glue.

Don’t Use Lethal Traps

If you come across a snake trap that is lethal, just skip it. While many people are grossed out by snakes, they are very important for the environment. They also help homeowners by keeping rodents away. Remember that a snake may scare you, but unless it is venomous, that is all that will happen. The rodents it protects you from could cause much more serious damage. Also consider that lethal traps could easily catch another type of animal, causing other issues.

Try To Catch It

A method that is not recommended for trapping snakes is to just try to catch it yourself. There are specific snake-grabbing tools that can make it easier. Even so, it is nearly impossible to grab a snake without experience and you will have to be very careful when handling and moving it. It is much smarter to use a trap or hire a professional instead.

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