How To Keep Opossums Away

If you have ever had opossums on your property, you know that they can cause all sorts of damage, particularly if they get inside your home. These marsupials are scavengers and frequently take advantage of urban areas as convenient sources of food as well as shelter. This can lead to problems for homeowners and while it is possible to get possums off your property, it is much easier to keep them from every getting there in the first place. As a bonus, many of the methods that will keep opossums away will also discourage other wildlife from invading your property.

Don’t Buy Repellents

Just like any other wildlife that can become a nuisance for people, you will find repellents that claim to get rid of opossums or keep them off your land. These can come in various forms with sprays being perhaps the most popular. No matter the format however, these store bought repellents won’t actually work. All they do is waste your money. Any reputable wildlife removal expert will tell you that possums simply ignore all the repellents you will find for sale. This is even true of more expensive or seemingly impressive ones like ultrasonic sound machines or light machines.

Don’t Trust Homemade Repellents
There are only two advantages of homemade repellents over store bought ones: you don’t waste as much money and they are less likely to contain harsh chemicals that put you at risk or harm the planet. That’s right, homemade repellents aren’t likely to do anything to keep possums (or other wildlife for that matter) away; they just waste your time. There are certain homemade repellents that will get you temporary relief from possums, including a repellent based on cooled Lapsang Souchong tea. Unfortunately, the smell and taste disappears after a few weeks and gets washed away anytime it rains. This means that to get permanent results, you would have to reapply it to wherever you don’t want the possums to go every few weeks and after each rainfall.

Predator Urine And Fish-Based Repellents
Although you will have to reapply them regularly like with the tea-based repellent mentioned above, you may occasionally notice results with predator urine or fish-based repellents. Predator urine won’t work on every possum and eventually, the animals will realize that a predator isn’t actually near. It can, however, give you enough time to find a more permanent solution. Some fish-based repellents will also work sometimes, but requires constant reapplication and no guarantee.

Electronic Barriers
If you want to keep opossums out of your garden or a similar outdoor area, you may be tempted to try an electronic barrier. These have the advantage of not containing any harmful chemicals or requiring constant reapplication. They work by delivering a mild sting that discourages the possums without hurting them. Unfortunately, this shock will also be delivered to anything else that touches the barrier, including your dog, your kids, or the neighbor’s cat; since it is frequently invisible, there is a serious risk.

Remove Food Sources
The best way to keep opossums away is to make your home less attractive to them by getting rid of their source of food. This can be somewhat challenging since these animals are opportunistic eaters and will enjoy nearly anything. You can, however, limit the potential food sources by cleaning up fallen fruit from trees and spilled bird seed. Also stop keeping your pet food outside or feeding your animals outside as the possums may be tempted by any leftovers or spills. You should also make sure that your garbage is secured so the possums can’t get into it and find a meal there.

Remove Shelter And Hiding Places
Just like getting rid of food sources, eliminating shelter should keep possums off your property. These animals may hide underneath sheds, in wood piles, or in brush piles. They also like holes in fallen trees. Keep your yard clean to remove most of these sheltered areas. You can also block off the area under your shed or porch with fencing; just make sure no animals are already there before doing so as you don’t want to trap them underneath.

Make Repairs To Your Home
While it can be a challenge to keep opossums away from the outside areas of your property, it is much easier to keep them out of your attic or other areas of your home. All you need to do to prevent this is make home repairs and ensure that there is no way for the animals to get inside. Conduct a thorough inspection inside and out and seal up any holes or gaps you find, paying close attention to areas with natural openings, like by vents or the eaves of your roof. If you aren’t confident in your abilities to keep possums away by yourself, you can also hire a wildlife removal expert to help you. They can evaluate your property and suggest changes, even making some of them for you.